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2600 Hitching Post Trail Anna,TX 75409 - (469) 400-8960

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We are proud to announce the newest addition to the wedding venues in the Dallas region. Please join us and explore Tuscany Hill at THE SPRINGS. 

Two Beautiful Wedding Halls To Help You Celebrate Your Day:

Dallas Wedding Venues - Stone Hall


Dallas Wedding Venues - Tuscany Hill

 Wedding & Corporate Event Venue near Dallas and McKinney

Dallas Wedding Venues

Welcome to THE SPRINGS!

This beautiful, elegant, and rustic Dallas wedding Venue is located near McKinney, Texas and offers guests an unforgettable site for their special occasion events and wedding receptions.

Bridal couples exit the rustic, elegant arched doors onto a white stone porch covered by a beautiful overhead gable.

From the porch, they descend the magnificent large white stone staircase where they are greeted with running streams of water on both sides leading down to The Springs Events’ signature bridge.

They follow a long walkway, each step bringing them closer to the beginning of their new life together. Afterwards, they return to the spacious indoor wedding venue to celebrate with family and friends.

What a wonderful way to begin this new and exciting chapter of life!

The team at THE SPRINGS places the highest priority on making sure that each event is a success!

Dallas Wedding VenuesThe manager lives onsite with the express intent to be able to allow all clients the flexibility and access they need as they prepare for their special day.

THE SPRINGS also offers bridal couples the ability to choose from a list of preferred vendors that are talented and reliable.

When searching for the perfect McKinney wedding venue or a Dallas reception hall, bridal couples are invited to come tour the spacious and beautiful facilities at THE SPRINGS.

Call today for an appointment So you can start planning your wedding!